The EMP Survival Course Review: When it Happens, Are You Ready?

Imagine cars coming to abrupt stops wherever they stand and being unable to restart. Or electric grids going out which means all electronic devices are not functional. All phones are off as well and can’t be switched on: This is a scenario out of a movie. Or so you would think

You would be hard pressed to believe that these are things that would happen in the real world: In our world. But they are the scary reality of an EMP.

What is an EMP (electromagnetic pulse)?

This is a surge of electromagnetic energy also referred to as a transient electromagnetic disturbance.  It can be as a result of a natural phenomenon or a man-made one. It is characteristically detrimental to your electronics damaging them or at the very least putting them out of service for a while.

Types of EMPs

EMPs exists in three main categories: Natural, manmade and military

Natural EMP events are those that are as a result of naturally occurring electromagnetic power. These include

  • Lightning
  • Meteoric
  • Electrostatic
  • Solar or Coronal Mass Ejection

Manmade EMPs are those created by our everyday electrical operations. For example

  • Switching on and off of electrical or digital circuits
  • Electric motors
  • Power surges in electrical lines
  • Gasoline car ignition systems

Military EMPs are those created from military weaponry. Here we have

  • Nuclear EMP resulting in nuclear explosions
  • Non-nuclear EMP weapons

How does an EMP get delivered?

It comes in 3 pulses

The E1 pulse: This is the first pulse which is very short lived but extremely intense. It creates very high voltages in all electrical conductors around. It is the pulse that destroys all your electronic devices. Because it moves and changes so fast (in nanoseconds) it cannot be contained and wreaks a lot of havoc.

The E2 pulse: The E2 is considered an intermediate time pulse. Similar to lightning in many ways, it is easier to protect against if you have the right protection. It generally lasts between a microsecond to a second. However, because it closely follows the E1 you may find yourself unprotected because all the devices that would have done so have been fried by the E1.

The E3 pulse: This pulse is the slowest of the three. It is very slow in fact that its currents can last for a long time. Its effects are the most devastating taking out transformers and power lines found underground and other bigger infrastructure

By now you must be asking why we are getting into the details of an EMP? Because America has been placed in harm’s way by complacent leadership. More countries are developing nuclear warheads and the US stands by and just watches as it happens.

North Korea

The latest show of might in April by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, where he paraded his artillery in a military parade clearly shows that he is flouting his ability to launch a nuclear weapon and is bent on wreaking havoc on the US and its allies. Even with the presence of the USS Carl Vinson in the Korean Peninsula, Kim Jong Un and his generals in Pyongyang fired a missile that had the capabilities of hitting Guam, a US territory.

The North Koreans have made it clear that they intend to develop a nuclear weapon that can hit mainland USA. Even hard-hitting sanctions against the country have not been enough to discourage them.


Iran has for the longest time been enriching uranium even after being hit with debilitating sanctions that alienated it from the rest of the world. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has evidence of the country’s nuclear activity dating as far back as 1984. Back then, Iran was afraid of the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the potential for an invasion.

Saddam is gone and Iran now has a nuclear deal that allows them to have a nuclear program up and running thanks to the Obama administration. This is despite the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly said that an Iran with nuclear capabilities is a threat to the entire world and much more so Israel. Even the director of the defense intelligence agency, Marine Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart made it clear that there were no more insurmountable technical deterrents to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon.


Not only are there claims of Russia having interfered in the 2016 presidential elections in the US, the world’s greatest democracy, but it also annexed Crimea in full view of the entire world. Putin and his government are getting bolder every day and trying their best to destabilize the world order. According to Moscow, several of their scientists drawn from various parts of the country developed some unique compact generators with the capability of producing high energy pulses of up to thousands of megawatts.

Having nuclear capabilities and this mindset to boot makes America vulnerable to an aggressive Russia. American military jets are recording several sightings of Russian fighter jets over the coast of Alaska and near the coastline of allies like Japan.

Understandably, America is not the police of the world. However, considering the fact that most of these countries are targeting the US with their nuclear capabilities it is clear that we are in the line of fire.

What to do in case of an EMP attack

An EMP has devastating effects on the infrastructure, environment and most importantly human life. Surviving one is near impossible. If you do survive it, you could witness life as you know it getting obliterated. You will live through

  • No food
  • No electricity
  • No water
  • No phone
  • No hospital services
  • No internet

We would be plunged back into the dark ages in an instant. Nick Guarino, the market trader and commodities trader who broke the story on Bill Clinton’s Whitewater scandal has been at the forefront of letting Americans know how close we are to an EMP attack.

To protect fellow Americans, he has created a program that will keep you safe and allow you to survive an EMP attack. While the government and other Wall Street trader denounce him, his proposed techniques and methods for making it through an EMP attack are sound and could save your life.

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The EMP Survival Course

Let’s review this product to ensure that when you buy it you understand the level of guidance and protection it affords you. It comes in two volumes: Electricity and Electronics and Food and Water

High-level EMP scientists and military experts have the know-how of how to survive an EMP attack. The EMP Survival Course shares this knowledge with you in order to empower regular folks like you and I and to reduce the catastrophic effects of an EMP attack.

The sequence of events in case of an EMP strike

The program educates you on the sequence of events when an EMP hits. To begin with, all the important electronics will definitely be out of commission.

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Generators
  • Cooking stoves and microwaves
  • Air conditioning

Next is the scarcity of food and clean water

1) The electricity and electronics component

Volume 1 -Electricity and Electronics

However, the EMP survival course, Volume 1, will teach you how to save all your electronics and get them working again. In the resource, Nick has outlined key things that you can do to save and protect your key electronics. He will

  • Show you alternative power systems that you can use to light and heat your home as well as cook immediately after the EMP strikes
  • Teach you how to assemble, in 20 minutes, a simple Faraday cage equivalent device to shield your electronics from an EMP
  • Show you a simple test to determine whether your electronics can withstand new EMP weapons. Once the test is done your electronics will be EMP proof and still useable after the disaster
  • Educate you on the 5 most important electronics to have after an EMP. These will allow you to cook, light and heat your home amid the disaster
  • Show you the best generators to buy and spare parts that you can keep within the home that will come in handy if an EMP strikes
  • Teach you about which life-saving electronic components worth $150 to board for use during an attack
  • Show you how to make sure your car is still running despite the effect of the EMP on the electrical circuit of cars
  • Also, teach you 3 cheap ways to make your own energy in order to keep your appliances running
  • Finally, show you how you can live off the electric grid yet still maintain your modern lifestyle. You will be able to keep all your trappings like satellite dishes, the Internet, and Phones working despite an EMP strike

2) The Food and Water Component

Volume 2 – Food and Water, teaching you to be self-reliant

Keeping your light and heat is only the tip of the iceberg in surviving an EMP attack. Volume 2 of the EMP survival course talks about food and water. These two key components are imperative in finding yourself on the other side of an EMP attack.

The 2nd volume of the program will teach you how to be self-sustaining when it comes to food and water. No more over-reliance on the supermarket for your grocery shopping. These are among the first places to go when an EMP attack occurs.

Learn how to

  • Grow, store and preserve your own food cheaply and efficiently
  • Have a ready and constant supply of meat, fruits, vegetables, grain and eggs (Rabbits, chicken, quails, and even bees
  • Hydroponically grow fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and other nutrient-rich foods

You don’t even have to live on a farm to do this. Even urban city dwellers and suburban moms and dads can do all of the above for sustainable food for their families.

Does all this work?

Because of the enormity of an EMP attack and the slim chances of survival it is normal to be skeptical about whether all of the above can really work. Nick Guarino has been in self-imposed exile for over 2 decades living off the grid. He exposed the Bill Clinton Whitewater scandal that got then-President Clinton impeached. Having been in exile for that long he learned how to sustain himself for over 30 years without relying on the usual amenities that most Americans are used to.

Despite having had no phone or hard-wired internet connection since 1997, Guarino has been able to access news, internet and communication and lives in a well lit and heated house.

The cost of survival

Survival gurus will charge you would charge you $1000 if they had created this program. That is what they quoted when asked for an honest estimate of its value. However, that would beat the purpose of helping people survive an EMP attack or any other attack for that matter.

This program can be used to teach you how to survive any kind of disaster e.g. earthquakes or typhoons.

For only $49 you can have a lifetime of resources that will keep you ready for any eventuality while sustaining you and your loved ones in the meantime.

How it works

In case you are not satisfied with the program, we are more than happy to give you back a full refund.

Buy a copy of the program today, review the material thoroughly and within sixty days of purchase if you are unhappy with it email Nick and you will receive a full refund with no questions asked.


Situations arise where self-sustainability is the only thing that will help you survive. Reviews from people who have gone through the material in the EMP Survival Course may sway your decision one way or another because you will be listening to their thoughts.

Survival is such an important skill to learn. Would you be willing to stake it on someone else’s opinion instead of your own informed one? We propose that you make up your mind after learning how to survive and let others benefit from your reviews of these resources instead!

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The EMP Survival Course Review: When it Happens, Are You Ready?
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