Survive The End Days Review: What Will Happen During The End Days?

Have you seen shows about people who stock up certain supplies to get ready for the end of the world? People might think it’s absurd of them to store millions of supplies such as guns, food, vehicle, etc. But as you go on your life, you will realize that they’re doing a smart move.

These people already prepare themselves for the worst that could happen. The think of the causes of having to use these supplies. It may vary to radiation, earthquakes, contamination, and many more. But, if the end is near. Do you know what’s the most effective survival strategy?

Aftermath of war

Nathan Shepard’s Survive The End Days

Nathan Shepard is a Christian who was indebted to reading scriptures of the Bible. For 17 years, he has been studying the ancient scriptures and has a degree in archaeology and theology. As a devoted Christian, he would analyze each passage in the Bible. Then, he found a secret which a few high leaders know of.

As most religious people know, Jesus has a total of 12 disciples but only four were task on by God. They are the apostles John, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel. Their duty was to tell the prophecy of what people need to get ready for.

In the bible lies the mystery of our future, it has predicted the events, centuries before it occurred.
Such events are:

The World War 1 and 2
This is when the passages mentioned of war and trauma for years to come. Since the people became greedy of land and superiority, blood will splatter across the lands of the Lord.

Next is the first time men went to outer space. It mentions how people would be curious about the world we live in. Thus, out of curiosity, we found a way to reach the impossible.

The ISIS attacks will also be in the scriptures. Evil will grasp people and fear is the emotion most will feel. The enemy doesn’t want to take lands or money. All they want is to be a complete nightmare for many by executing massacre and chaos.

The end is near sign

These are few events which were all in the Bible and there is more. One important scripture which every Christian hasn’t look deeper into, the end of the world. How will the world end? Through earthquakes or typhoons? Maybe nuclear bombs?

Shephard knew how it will end, a tragic event which will kill millions. Not just millions but all of humanity. There is a particular country who has taken part most in history but never mentioned in any scriptures. Do you have a guess? The United States of America.

Basically, war will begin and this country is involved. The end is near as the USA collides with another. But what might be the cause of the war? Nathan Shephard predicts that Russia and USA will be at war. A war that will affect the whole world.

Why? Because the current president of Russia, Putin has declared that he possesses a weapon. Not just any weapon but a weapon of indignation. Something he can trigger and instantly kill people.

When will this happen? There was no particular date but there will be a sign. Everyone will feel the end is near, through ones’ intuition and earth’s vibration.

But there must be a way to end this forsaken fate. There will be a way to stop it on affecting millions, right? Yes, there is.

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Website of Survive the End Days

What Can You Do?

Nathan Shepard was adamant to find a solution. Prayer can be the answer for such a tragic event, people who are religiously faithful in the Word of God. But he knows this isn’t enough, people need to have shelter and food for survival.

He embarks on a journey to find techniques on surviving and he may have found the best ones. Shepard mentions how in the olden days, technology was never to be seen. People live normally, they go to church with their family, eat meals together, and sleep. The activities people normally do is hang out with others, and have that intimate connection which the generation today don’t experience.

Since the world has advanced, the most deadliest of inventions can be created. Fevers which is simply a normal one centuries o, is now more deadly. There is a noticeable increase of people who are affected by incurable illnesses such as cancer, tuberculosis, and other medical diseases.

Huge wave crashing over a city

The end may wipe out everything, it may mean it’s another beginning of a new chapter but that means death and sacrifices will occur. You need to be ready for what’s to come.

What better way to prepare than by the help of Nathan Shepard’s book, ‘Survive The End Days’. He made this book in order to give tips and techniques on how to live during the phase of death and calamities.

This is to give order and solemnity, peace and unity from people who have once seen each other as enemies. To survive means to give alms, reach out for people you may or may not know.

Another lesson you’ll obtain from the book is survival techniques such as putting away food in storage containers, how to live in a world which was affected by EMP or better known as Electromagnetic Pulse.

Electromagnetic Pulse is those nuclear weapons, or cases where electricity is down (black out), and many more scenarios can apply. These are the kind of scenarios which is in the contents of the book. It’s up to you to decide whether to start preparing yourself with the help of the book or not.

The book will also cover the types of food which will last longer and give you more energy. Also, natural medicines which you can easily make from scratch. Finally, how to build a shelter which would be a safe zone for you and for your family.

gas mask

What’s in the Package?

Besides Nathan Shepard’s ‘Survive The End Days’, you will also receive two exclusive journals on surviving further from calamities.

1. How To Survive The Next Nuclear Attack
This book has all the information about a powerful weapon which may befall the death of humanities. It will cover the myths which people think as true and there will be further explanations to debunk these myths. Also, the action plan you need to follow in order to survive in the first few hours when a nuclear weapon sets.We all know that radiation is a chemical contraption which is dangerous when you even stay for a few minutes. When a nuclear bomb explodes, it can cover half of the earth and contaminate this with radiation. You will also be able to identify the food and water which is consumable and building shelters which have a protective shield from atomic bombs.

stock up food

2. Chemical Wars Survival
In this survival kit, it will cover more on the counter attack you may do. If ever you get hit by a chemical weapon, you need to identify what kind it is, the book provides a rundown of the deadliest chemicals. Then, herbal medicines or treatments which you can find in the confines of your home is important in order to survive in a world full of death.You will also have a walk through on the needed equipment’s you should prepare in case a horrendous event occurs (such as enemy invasion). The weapons can also be found in your home, it’ll be easier and cheaper.

Besides receiving these, when you have gone through the materials and somehow, found it useless. You can still file a refund within 60 days of purchase.


The book has received positive reviews from all over the world. Such reviews stated how well informed the program is. Chapter by chapter you’ll keep learning something new. It was an eye-opener from people who once didn’t take the ‘end days’ seriously. But since we could feel it, the climate change and wars going on between corners, people are desperate to find a technique to survive from the worst.

It’s better to be ready for an event which may destroy our once peaceful life into a life of darkness. Imagine how the people in Syria feel when their normal life was snatched away instantly, without any warning. Some have to die in the most horrifying way, people starve because they couldn’t buy any food or water.

broken homes caused by war

The world can be a better place if we could just forget the hate and spread love. We need to review how we act, and realize that maybe, you can express your feelings in a different way. A way which the other party can understand you more clearly.

But as I have said, if fate led us to a life of hardships, of death and fear. Then, we need to be ready for what’s to come. The most important aspect is by being psychologically ready in whatever horrifying experiences which will fall upon you. Never give up hope on surviving and seeing a life full of happiness.

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Survive The End Days Review: What Will Happen During The End Days?
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