Survive And Thrive System Review: Are You Going To Thrive In Survival?

Is there even a slight possibility that you can die alone in your sleeping bag?

To make this chance even smaller, let’s learn from the story of Gerry Largay. The woman who decided to hike up the Appalachian Trail in 2013.

She was a great hiker with years of experience. Even these years couldn’t change one thing – Gerry was extremely bad at understanding directions and where she is. That one day in 2013 she wandered of the official trail…and got lost.

The woman started texting her husband asking for help. But, of course, none of the messages got delivered from this deserted place in the middle of the woods.

Only two years later Gerry’s remains were discovered. They were found only three miles of the trail.

What is the real tragic thing about this story?

There was a whole group of professionals searching for Gerry. One of them even got 100 yards close to the woman’s location.

Why wasn’t the poor woman rescued? Was it the mistake of the authorities? Or there is no one to blaim except for Gerry herself?

It looks like Gerry lacked even the basic survival skills. A mistake that turned into her death. Imagine how the situation could have turned out, if Gerry knew how to make a distressed fire signal without using any matches or a lighter? Rescuers may have found her just in time.

Remember that burning wet materials and green foliage creates white smoke. While  synthetic materials, foams and sponges cause black smoke.

It was such a tragic incident that made a lot of hikers think, if they really are prepared enough, before performing any voyages.

It’s time to meet Chip Foreman.

A former Army Ranger, loving husband and father. He admits that there are two main things that the Army teaches you. Discipline and survival skills.

Chip had been in such extreme situations that not all people would have been able to go through. He had to survive not only being alone with Mother Nature in an unfamiliar environment. He had to fight the enemy at the very same time.

Gerry’s story shocked Chip Foreman. His wife is also an outdoor activist. And he immediately imagined – what if it was his beloved?

This was why Chip decided to share the knowledge he got while serving in the Army with the rest of the world. So that as many people as possible would know what to do in situations similar to Gerry’s until they are rescued.

The first two people to try out Chip Foreman’s teaching skills were, certainly, his wife and daughter.

Learn to survive any possible disaster scenario!

Will you be able to protect yourself and your family when the time comes?

Nowadays especially the youngsters can be affected by an extreme situation. Because they are totally unprepared and dependent on technology. Throw the smartphone away and the kid won’t be able to understand where he is. That’s why it is our duty to make sure they are prepared. After all, the future of this planet is in their hands.

Now, there are three important things that Chip Foreman learnt in the Army:

 1. Know your surroundings.
For example, do you know if there are any lakes, ponds or rivers next to your home? It is amusing how people seem to not know anything about there surroundings. Whether it concerns home or work.

2. Prepare a 7-day survival kit for every member of your family.
It is the so-called ‘bug out bag’ that contains everything you would ever need to survive. The items shouldn’t weight more than 35 lbs and should be able to fit in a single bag. The absolute minimum should contain: a knife, a few bottles of water, protein bars and at least two ways to start a fire.

3. Have a long-term plan and stick to it.
In an extreme situation that would require your survival skills, of course, a great amount of stress will be involved. A written down plan will help to see things clearly and will guide you out step by step.

All this will help you to have a solid foundation to surviving almost any disaster you can imagine.

Get the Survive and Thrive system today, and you’ll learn how to do exactly that – instead of worrying and fearing for your llife, you’ll be thriving!

Are you sure that your family and loved ones have the necessary skills to survive?

It is important not only to educate yourself, but to also make your family self-sufficient in the terms of crisis. You never know where or when you will encounter danger. But you don’t need to have a military background to take care of yourself.

This is what Chip Foreman’s course is about. About giving the knowledge to you and helping you pass it on to your family.

Let’s introduce the Survive and Thrive Spec Ops Survival Skills for any SHTF Event

All the skills you are going to find in the course are battle-proven and efficient and have helped Chip Foreman survive. Often the best plans are the most simple one’s. And they happen the to be the fastest one’s.

Survive and Thrive is a step by step guide that is easy for anyone to learn! Whether it’s a man without any military background, a housewife, an elderly person or a child…

The author asked himself only one single question. How can a person do this thing faster and easier?

What will you get, if you buy this training?

You will be getting two downloadable e-books. Remember that you will receive no physical material at your door.

The first e-book is for surviving immediate danger. And the other is for long-term survival with only bare necessities.

You will the have a detailed plan for surviving anything really. Starting from war and terrorist attacks and ending with natural disasters and famine.

What exactly is covered inside Survive and Thrive?

Let’s review what kind of knowledge you will be getting with the two e-books.

1. Fight or Flight.

How to know when to run and when to stay at home? This is never an easy decision to make. Remember that your life depends on it.

2. First AID Essentials

What things you must include in your kit. Moreover, you will learn what kind of plants, for example, can be used, if you are left without any medications.

3. Know your Knives

Each knife serves a different purpose. Find out which one’s are critical for your survival.

4. The Instant Campsite

How to set up the right camp without a tent and less than in one hour!

5. The Weekend Bunker

How to create a bunker for your whole family in only one weekend and without spending a fortune on it.

6. Burn all Night

How to create a self-feeding fire without any matches or lighters.

7. Survival on the Sea

This is the point that a lot of survival books forget about. Learn about everything you will need, if you are stuck in the middle of the ocean.

8. Transmit Distress Signals in any Environment

You will learn how to send signals anywhere without any technological devices.

9. Sewage Safety

Human waste breeds infections and diseases. You will learn where are the right places to defecate and how to get rid of the waste without causing any harm.

10. Equipment Checklists for any Scenario

What about the things you should always keep at home? Or in your bunker? There is a list in the Survive and Thrive for any imaginable scenario out there.

11. Elite Combat Self Defense Tactics

Trouble may come looking for you. People and animals are absolutely unpredictable when disaster strikes. The book will show you how to be ready to fight back the right way.

12. Easy Water Indicators

We all know that a person can survive weeks without food. But only days without water. You will learn how to efficiently spot and use the nature’s water resources.

13. Fashion your own Solar Still

Not every water is great for you to drink. It might contain harmful bacterias that will lay you down in a couple of hours. You will find out how easy it is to create a solar still for purifying water.

14. Preserve Food for Years

Discover what food you might need and how to preserve some of the products for up to five years without a refrigerator!

15. Dine Outdoors

Which animals are safe and easy to hunt? Where to find insects that have the most nutritional value?

16. Nature’s GPS

There are ways to use landmarks and the Sun to get some guidance and directions.

17. Stress – your most Dangerous Enemy

You will discover strategies that will help you combat stress so it doesn’t consume you.

18. Survival Practice Scenarios

You can read a hell lot of books, but it is only practice that will help you store the knowledge on a subconscious level. Survive and Thrive will give you practical exercises that will help you try out the things you have learnt. The reviews admit that this is one of the best parts of the book.

And this is not it. You will discover so much more with the Survive and Thrive.

We can talk a lot about the amazing reviews and stuff like that. But there is only one thing that really matters – you and your family will be able to survive.

Learn exactly what you need to do to Survive and Thrive today, click here to get the course and start!

Survive And Thrive System Review: Are You Going To Thrive In Survival?
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