Patriots Self Defense Review: Are You Prepares in Case of Intruders?

Life is precious, but it’s also unpredictable that’s why it must be safeguarded. Today, brutality and violence are quite rampant around the world. Disregarding the early ages or gender, anyone with much viciousness can commit crimes.

I would agree it may be hard to imagine being attacked by a stranger, but unfortunately, it happens every single day and we’re not even taking it seriously. What if one day, it’s you who’s being troubled by somebody, and unluckily you’re too small to handle the problem, how can you fight back? These attacks happen in just a snap without warning, and when people least expect it. Yes, this is a scary fact and it is something we should take seriously. By initiating yourself to learning self-defense, you help yourself to prepare for any perilous and unanticipated situations.

Now, let me ask you some things… Have you or one of your family members ever encountered a life-threatening event in your life such as being robbed, sexually harassed, kidnapped or being attacked by desperate criminals? And during that moment, were you scared and helpless, humiliated or worse, did you almost die? Whether your answer is a yes or a no, this is a great opportunity for you to learn self-defense.

In this post, I will share with you some ideas about the importance of learning self-defense and the great benefits of learning Patriot’s Self Defense. This product might help you build your confidence, help you develop your self-discipline, improve your mental alertness and physical conditioning, can create a positive influence on your life and most of all, this can be useful for you in dealing unanticipated circumstances or better yet can save your life.

So, without further ado, let us now begin this Patriot’s self-defense review and see if this could back you up with anything.

What is Patriot’s Self Defense?

The Patriot’s Self-Defense is a program or a course about self-protection which is similar to any other martial arts. The difference is that its practice is a combination of simple moves from all the best fighting styles. What’s great about this type of self-defense system is that it has undertaken all types of systematized tests to accumulate as many figures as possible, combined as one that quite frankly alters the industry.

With combined moves of various, the Patriot’s Self Defense scheme comprises a collection of moves to mix up and beat even the most toughened street brutes.

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Who’s the Person Behind Patriot’s Self-Defense Success

For so many Patriot’s Self Defense reviews, it is prominent to the content on who’s the man behind it. The man who created this program is named Bruce Perry, a veteran martial artist instructor who lives in New York. For more than 20 years of his life, he has been training bodyguards, air marshals, and many security authorities.

His main purpose in creating this program is to offer help and share his knowledge and skills in martial arts. The reason behind this creation is associated with his past. He was once very confident about his life and his family’s safety knowing he had already gated their home to keep them safe.

However, one night, he was woken by a shocking sound of a gunshot inside his home. There were two armed and masked men who broke into his house and yelling for orders. Luckily, their neighbors have been alerted and called the police for help. Bruce and his family were saved, but unfortunately, they have suffered trauma and so everyone has to be taken to therapy to recover from what has happened.

This perilous event of his life has taught Bruce not to be confident only on the technical protection. He learned that he must be mentally alert and physically able to fight back in order to secure his life and his family.

Right after the incident, Bruce returned to his work as a security consultant and began working on an applied self-defense system. He managed to put together his knowledge and other skills in order to formulate the best self-defense there is that wouldn’t allow violent criminals to get an upper hand during a fight.

Eventually, Bruce has successfully constructed the system and this was the story how Patriot’s Self Defense has created.

The Patriot’s Self Defense System Package

To buy this product, there are several things included:

  1. A content focused on “How to Defeat Extreme Violence” which has more than 200 pages. This intends to spices up any newbie on what essential things are there to learn about the impact and power of the Patriot system. This eBook has everything you need to know in details.
  2. Video compilations of more than 40 demonstrations to assist you master practices correctly without harming yourself or executing the moves ineffectively. This provides a guide in a step-by-step method which also includes the seven smart ways to bout an armed assailant for hours regardless of the size or their number.
  3. Another thing is that it also has a system manual to advance your understanding and usage of the videos. In this manual, Bruce Perry deliberates susceptible points, heavy pressure points and nerve nodes on the body and in what way to control these points for exerting pain and power. The videos and this self-defense manual go hand in hand to be your guide.
  4. You’ll be provided with a strike zone map that clearly shows all the weak spots on the human body.
  5. Apart from these four main mechanisms, consider this one as bonus products! The system has included several products such as added fighting techniques, psychological methods, commotion fitness that comprises seven rudimentary secret drills, as well as a guide for women self-protection.


In my opinion, here are some of the things which are beneficial about this product:

  • It disregards the fact whether you’re a man or a woman.
  • It doesn’t matter who you are or what experience or understanding you have in fighting. This product yearns to help and teach you some moves as well as the defiance you’ll need to endure and survive a fatal encounter.
  • The techniques you can learn here are different from anything else you’ve ever learned
  • All things, the entire content of this course has a step-by-step guide allowing me to easily understand and follow. This doesn’t require a high IQ, you don’t need to be a genius or to have primary experience in any sort of martial arts. This is totally created and written for the average person just like me.
  • It is a one-time-pay package. It’s a huge thing if you were to enroll yourself in self-defense classes or hire a personal coach of some sort, and you’d spend hundreds or even thousands just to master the skills or techniques. Obviously, it’s more than you spend just to get the equal knowledge when you can save a huge amount here. With this package, you can watch and practice the routines alone and with your family as well anytime and anywhere.
  • The course can help you develop self-discipline as well as to build and boost your confidence. This is quite a game changer in life.
  • And finally, the greatest part is that this course is backed up by a full 60-day money back guarantee. If at any time you aren’t pleased and contented with the course before the first 60 days end, you can absolutely be refunded.


Here are few things about this product which I think its possible drawbacks:

  • The product’s content is a fact and is possible, however, it is not a miracle product regardless of any entitlements its makers have created. In my own opinion, being on the life and death situations, the person’s ability to control, relax and thinking clearly and fast is the key. Whereas in this product, it does assist you with your thinking and decision making at such time, eventually, you must act yourself to save yourself.
  • This product is a digital version which means it is only available online. So, it is not quite ideal for everyone especially those in an area with no internet access or those who are not into computers.


It is understandable that every single product, notwithstanding of its great quality, effectiveness and usefulness, there will always be potential drawbacks.

But above all these details I have shared, I could say this product is quite beneficial for everyone. You’ll certainly be able to acquire things about self-defense even in as little as one hour of practice. For me, to learn even the basics of this product might not only be a life changer but as a life saver. Of course, there is no foolproof system out there. This is an overwhelming system with reliable and safety information. And yes, there’s really no reason to not give it a shot.

In addition, several reviews have proven this product’s efficiency. I, myself can definitely suggest this product to my friends and loved ones too. How about you? Do you love your family? Do you want to keep them safe? Waste no time! You can change your life by ordering with this Patriot’s Self Defense program…

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Patriots Self Defense Review: Are You Prepares in Case of Intruders?
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