Patriots Plan Review: When The Disaster Strikes, Is Your Family Safe?

If you think you are safe, then you are wrong!

If you think to be within the borders of the country are going to keep you safe then you are wrong.

America is not safe. America could be under attack at any point in today’s world. If you think you are perfectly okay with that quit thinking now.

You think your family’s safe then quit thinking now. If you think you could keep your family safe under adverse circumstances then you need to think again.

The World is Not Safe

Being inside a country’s border is something we believe is safe. However, The world is not safe! America is not safe!

In the constant battling world, any country could be attacked by any other at any time. In fact, there is a prediction for World War III this year itself, and America will in charge of it.

Even if the world doesn’t break into war, there are a lot of battles and tensions rising. With America leading it, there could be any terrorist attack or an invasion at anytime. If the war breaks out, there are going to be heavy inflation and major economic crisis. Bread, butter and water prices are going to automobile prices.


We have seen two major wars earlier, the World War I and the World War II.

Each involved super powers and millions of civilian deaths. So, if you think you are a resident of a superpower and so you are safe, then you might need to reconsider it.

There have been many war outbreaks in the past few months. Also, there has been a prediction for another World War in 2017 itself. If it does happen you won’t be safe from all the new tech weapons.

Your families won’t be safe from air strikes and nuclear crisis. What would you do then?

Economic Crisis

If war does breakout, all the countries send in all their resources to feed and push the army. To save the civilians they have to compromise on the civilian.

The services go down, companies go down, everyone joins the army, everyone needs a gun. No product is produced, no food is produced. Nothing is made except weapons.

Every factory in the country makes weapons or machines that make weapons. Everyone, from peasants to CEOs, works in those factories.

The fit is given a gun and sent out on the battlefield. The unfit works in factories. If you don’t believe me try reading the history. It has happened and it could happen again.

People, cities, countries, rulers everything goes haywire in state of war.

When situations like these arise, where nothing except weapons are cheap, all prices go up. Food products become as expensive as automobiles. What will you buy in such inflation and what will you eat.

In Germany during the world war, the prices of wood in winter went so high that people preferred burning currency over buying fire wood. The currency needs to buy wood, will burn longer than wood.

What will you do under such circumstances?

Introducing The Patriots Plan

Learn The Patriots Plan And What You Need To Do To Keep Your Family Safe In The Incoming Disasters – Click To Start!

John Hartman an ex-personnel from the Armed Forces came up with an amazing way to get you through every tough situation.

First of all, you need to understand the art of survival. The art of survival is rather more about the will to survive than the need. When you learn survival in tough situations only then you become a true master of this art.

The Patriots Plans. Many Diasters One Relief.

The Patriots Plans. Many Diasters One Relief.

John Hartman, is one of those people who have mastered the art. While we are yet to understand the basics he has everything sorted out. He learned his skill in the army and has been working with them ever since.

To help you too, John has made a help-yourself survival guide for you. Since this is exactly what the military and army does, he calls it The Patriots Plan.


John gives you the ultimate guide to get through any type of crisis. Natural calamities, economic crisis or wars. His method takes into account all the disasters and all the adverse situations a crisis could cause. Then, the solutions too all of them are signed off to you. Practice sessions, drills, fitness levels, all you need is considered.

Even if you are not prepared for any of it, this one single guide could bring you out of any type of situation. All the details given in the manual are from real life experiences of John himself or of his fellow mates.


The manual’s most important part or the “Patriots Plan” is the bunker. The best way out of any calamity according to the defenses and the armed forces is a bunker.

If you have a strong holding bunker, there is nothing that could ever affect you. Be it a war, natural calamities or anything, if your bunker could hold it you’ll survive.

But how does it work?? A bunker is an underground hole that goes a few feet to a few meters under the ground. When there is a calamity, everything on the ground is visible but nothing under the ground.

This firstly takes you out of sight of the world. Keeping you away and safe from whatever happens on the land. Secondly, in case of invasion, the ground is priority, not the underground.

If there is a tornado or a tsunami everything under the ground stays save, while everything on the ground is wiped. If you are thinking about an earthquake, then that can’t hurt you either, how?


In the Patriots Plan, there are some designs of the bunkers. These designs are military grade. That means they are extremely secure. Not even ants could get in it. The walls and the hole are designed in such a way that they are immune to everything.

The manual gives you full access to these designs in easy to understand, 3D format. The ventilation system, walls, flooring, everything in as much detail as possible. You wouldn’t have to think of a single thing when you make a bunker for yourself.

Survival Stock Pile

When you go inside the Patriots Plan’s Bunker, you’ll need to be there for a lot of time. Until everything goes calm on the ground. So if you need to be down here, obviously, you won’t be making trips to SubWay or go home to make some food. You need to stock up everything you could possibly need in the next few months.

Getting what-to list isn’t a kids play in the time of crisis. You’ll run for your life or would you check if you need those white socks or the grey ones? Um, what match bet… No! So the plan has got a you all the things you’d need, the prices, where to find them, and how to stock them up all sorted for you.

Complete Family Protection Plan

In case of an emergency you don’t want to leave any one behind. So, even before anything like that happens you have to choose what is the most effective way out, to your bunker. That means you must know the exit path.

Not just you everyone in your family should know the exit path, so you don’t have to stay behind and pull everyone out and lead the way. This would only mean wasting time and crowded running, that means haphazard. Everyone could run all by themselves and meet at the bunker.

If you have any pets, you don’t want to leave them behind either. training your pets for such situations becomes an important part. The Patriots Plan covers that too. Because, after all, pets are family. So, to training them the way out and teaching them a few tricks would be very helpful in such situations.

Back Up survival plan – Plan B

In emergencies, you don’t know what skill is going to be used and how adverse could a situation be. A disaster effect could last as long as a few days to a few month. Staying in a bunker for months is going to suck the life out of you. Sometimes, situations go out of hand and thing won’t always go as you planned.

Only after years into training for survival, you understand that you always need to have a plan be. For each and every step of your plan. Something that doesn’t even remotely connect with your actual plan, but runs parallel with your survival instinct.

But it would quite a task to come up with a plan B without knowing anything about it. So, the Patriots Plan covers that for you. The plan B is your last resort. You don’t want to use this until everything goes against you.

You just have to keep this in mind and never use it, until you have to. Learning this few extra skills won’t be useful if everything goes as planned but in adverse situations, these could determine if you are going to stay alive or not.

Click Here To Get Started Using The Patriots Plan To Secure You And Your Family’s Wellbeing In The Disaster That Can Happen Any Minute From Now!

Patriots Plan Review: When The Disaster Strikes, Is Your Family Safe?
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