No Fourth River Review: What Can This Painful Story Teach You?

Like Anthony Trollope once said, “the habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there’s no alloy, it lasts when all other pleasure fades.” Reading gives us a place to travel when we have to stay where we are. Every book we read gives us something to learn – or it leaves us with an experience to cherish.

For those who have taken reading as a daily habit, there’s no need for an annotation. It’s a pleasure that nothing else could replicate. The more you read, the more things you’ll learn – the more you learn, the better you’ll become.

growing up without being mended

With that said, how many books have you read until this time? If you haven’t been reading, you have no idea how much you’re missing out. Every book you read takes you through an experience to remember. For those who read, it is a habit that gives a refuge from almost all the miseries of their life.

I have set a goal of reading 100 books each year. Yes, don’t be intrigued by the number, I have seen people who read twice that amount. Throughout these years, I have read thousands of stories which had an influence in my life. Want to know what I have learned from reading?

What can stories teach you?

Everything is a story if you ask me. Your life is a story, my life is a story – everything that happens around is a story. Hence, every book that you read talks about someone else’s experience with life. On the other hand, some stories might even show how far your imaginations could travel.

These stories will tell you how people encounter reality, or how they solve certain predicaments. You get to relate these stories to your life, anyhow, it’s no surprise that people tend to choose the books that are related to their current life affairs.

alcohol addiction

Why? Because they get to learn how others tackle their obstacles. I’m not talking about the stories that are meant for kids. Of course, even those stories play a big part in developing a kid. However, as a grown-up, we need more realistic stories than just fairy tales.

If you’re looking for stories that are truly intriguing and inspirational, your best option would be to go for autobiographies. Those books will show you real-life events which took place in the author’s life.

Be that as it may, anyone could write a book – though, only a few writers have the ability to make an impact. With the backing of a truly inspiring past, one could allure the audience with their intriguing storyline. In here, I’ll introduce to such a story – a story that talks about the real-life struggles the author had endured.

I won’t reveal the story here, but I’ll tell you what to expect from this truly inspiring novel. Anyhow, before we get to the story, let me introduce you to the author.

Christine Clayfield

She is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, book publisher, and a public speaker. After spending many years being a successful businesswoman, she decided to take a different path by writing her own stories. In fact, she was inspired by others who pushed her to write her own life as a story.

Born in Belgium, Christine went through a lot of struggles living her life. From electroshock therapy to child abuse, she lived a life that none of us could ever imagine. There are memories that she never wants to recollect, though, she believes that her story would inspire many others to find their inner strength.

no fourth river

She says, despite the pain from past, people have the ability to change their future. And why not! She proved the same with her life. That’s the exact reason why her book is a hit and has thousands of readers across the world. Her story is touching, and the experiences are truly inspirational to guide your path.

A painful past could completely disconnect people from their life and feelings. Christine was there experiencing it all, she was ashamed and embarrassed. However, with her book, she wants to share her story to help others who are hopeless, ashamed, and sad – she is looking to lift others self-beliefs with her story.

No Fourth River

That’s the name she chose to give her novel. It’s one of those books which will suck you into the storyline. No Fourth River will lead the story to reflect on your real life and it’ll help you realize how much you have taken for granted. The fact that this is a true story makes it heart-breaking and hard to bear at times while we read.

No Fourth River

The story tells that the author was exposed to child abuse and shock therapy since the time she was very young. No Fourth River will take you through a heart-wrenching story that will tell you a woman’s incredible journey and the struggles she had to endure along the way.

Her story is an inspiration to all those courageous abuse victims who are ready to take charge of their life. Born in Belgium, into a wealthy family, the author had everything that any of us could dream about.

Her father was an eminent wealthy diamond businessman. That might make us think where did it go wrong? How did the author end up being an abuse victim? Well, I’m not going to give any spoilers here. But these are the questions that anyone would ask after hearing her past.

Intriguing things that you’ll find inside the story

Christine was cast aside into a boarding school at the age of five, and she was scorned for two embarrassing reasons. Growing up in these situations would affect anyone, and it obviously made an impact on the authors life as well.

She was never a fully mended child, and it led her into a world of alcohol. Her book will take you through all these phases and you’ll find out how she ended up being an abuse victim. No Fourth River will tell you how she created a plan to escape her shattered world. But, did her plans worked?

issues with husband

This review will leave a lot of questions behind, and you need to buy this e-book to find out what happened. It’s a novel sold all around the globe, and the reviews it gets shows how alluring the story is.


Here’s what Janine has to say;

No fourth river is a truly inspirational story. I couldn’t help but to finish the novel within two days, it was that much intriguing. I heard about this from one of my friends, and now, I have already suggested it to my other friends.

I’m excited to know what my friends would say after reading this book. Thank you, Christine, you have shared a story that many of us wouldn’t dare to publish.

On another review by Elena, she says;

Every woman should find some time to read this novel. It was a fantastic experience, to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style. You were frank and realistic with your storyline, and I totally loved it.

One more thing, it’s not just meant for the ladies. My dad has only great things to say about your book, and I’m making my husband read it this weekend. He seems curious.

Here’s what Richard Peters has to say;

This is powerful stuff. I like your frank, no excuses yet no shame writing style. It’s rare to find a script that actually has me thinking about it later. A story that strikes at a visceral level and latches on to the brain like a tick… now that’s good writing.

Amanda Rogers says;

Honestly… I was really quite impressed. You have a from-the-heart tale that resonates. This novel is very well written – a real page-turner. It’s inspirational, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

These are only a few reviews to display. The readers have only great things to say about this novel.

How to purchase No Fourth River?

You can buy your copy as an e-book. This will allow you to carry the novel anywhere you go. Read the story on your phone, iPad, or on the computer. furthermore, you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to read Christine’s story. She sells it for an affordable price, and you could buy the copy from this website for a truly amazing price.

depressed with life


My hobbies include reading books and novels. I’m a picky person and I take time to research before buying a book. I heard about this book from a group of online friends and I was curious to know what this book holds.

I truly loved the storyline, plus, the author made it more interesting by using her own writing style. It’s an inspirational story to pick you up. Even I was exposed to child abuse while I was young, but, I never had the courage to raise my voice.

No Fourth River was truly heartbreaking, yet, a truly inspiring story. I’d recommend you read it, it won’t disappoint your expectations.

Click here to read the heart-wrenchingly emotional story of No Fourth River, and see just how powerful this painful story really is, and what you can learn!

No Fourth River Review: What Can This Painful Story Teach You?
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