Legally Concealed Review: What Can You Conceal Inside Your Jacket?

Have you ever wanted to own a weapon but don’t know how to start? Questions such as ‘What type of gun should I buy?’ or ‘How do I even use a gun?’ will pop up to your head. And I’m sure that’s not the only questions you’ll think of.

It’s expensive to hire a professional gunman to teach you. Well, thanks to technology, you can learn from the confines of your home or learn it with a professional for a cheaper price!

Take note, the program I’ll shortly introduce has a lot of positive reviews from fellow people like you! Are you ready?

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About Legally Concealed

Before you buy a product, you should see if the creator is lawful and credible. For example, would you purchase a medical book whose author is an engineer? Someone who does not have any background whatsoever in the medical field? If I was you, I wouldn’t risk it.

The creator of this product we’ll cover soon is EJ Owens. He is a man of dignity and be in the Army for 14 years. He receives awards on being an excellent combat soldier and medic, was also promoted as a commissioned officer. Now, he is an instructor for hand to hand combat and weapon ranges.

He wanted to share his experience and knowledge in weaponry. To talk about the right ways to defend yourself and when to do so. There is vast news of weaponry owners who lack the experience in using one. When he found out about this, he felt disappointed and wanted to change it. It’s dangerous for someone to have the privilege to own a harmful weapon especially someone inexperienced.

Through this, Legally Concealed gradually became known. Weapon owners ask for his guidance in improving their skills. The program includes more than 10 courses.

These courses are about:

  • Carrying weapons in public
  • Defense at home and out in public
  • Gun Models which fits your needs
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of owning a certain gun model
  • How to use a gun and sanitizing it

and many more.

Man pointing a gun

As you look up the website, you’ll see a mass of articles which covers different types of a defensive stance. These are divided into five components:

  1. Training
    This is mainly about improving and developing your skills in weaponry or other defense alternatives. You will be provided with events in certain locations where you can train with people with the same mindset. If you want to self-study, you can also access tutorials on the kind of defense you prefer to learn.
  2. Guns
    From the word itself, guns are the main topic of this section. You’ll learn the differences of each weapon, and be familiar with the types of ammo you need to use.
    Before you can even own a gun, you need a permit and take tests. If you do pass all the needed requirements, you can purchase one but you need to know what you’re looking for. Lucky for you, the program provides it.
  3. Gear
    Okay, so you possess a gun and know how to shoot it. But it doesn’t stop there, you need to sanitize and clean every single part religiously. So as to keep its’ long durability and performs just as good as the first time. You’ll learn the chunks which make up a particular gun.
  4. Tips
    Here, you will learn more about weaponry. The team will post regular updates on laws. Gun laws are the most important aspect you need to be familiar with, some city doesn’t allow people to bring any weapons even if you have a permit. Other topics such as events on competitions and how to win on it. It also covers the persons’ safety from weaponry and defense at home and in public.
  5. Shop
    Finally, is purchasing the much-needed gears on learning about guns. You can also buy weaponry on the website. In fact, you’re encouraged to ask questions before purchasing so as to know the right armory for you.

It doesn’t stop there, EJ Owens ‘Legally Concealed’ has more offers for you.

Website of Legally Concealed

What Else Do You Get?

When you sign up for the membership, you will have access to the following:

Visuals Library
You gain the privilege to check out a compilation of videos. Topics from the basics of purchasing guns and different kinds of weapons to tutorials on being a professional gun owner. The library has more than a hundred videos which continue to grow since new inventions and techniques continue to rise.

Monday Mindset Series
If you think the program is all about weapons and self-defense, think again! People in the community believe a person can be a skilled and confident weapon professional. But if his mindset isn’t morally right, he might choose the wrong path.

Every week, members would gather in a forum to discuss positivism. You’ll also receive emails about the importance of being mentally ready in whatever situation to come. This aims to aid people to be aware of making the right decisions.

Shop Talk Series
The discussion would mainly revolve around weapons, techniques for improvement, skills, and life. One interesting discussion is the awareness on when to use your weapon. Just because you are legally entitled to use one, doesn’t mean you can use it as you please. Only use your weapons as a last resort.

shooting range

Special Reports
It doesn’t stop there, you can gain knowledge from different resources such as studies, websites, and articles. These are only exclusive from members and obviously not accessible by just anyone. This is why the huge benefit is knowing information which other people have no clue about.

This is where you can interact with members and the creators, themselves. You can talk to beginners and professionals on varieties of topics. It’s where you can freely discuss current events, tutorials, and stories.

One of the popular posts is ‘how to sharpshoot’. In this post, more than a hundred members continue to interact and aid each other through the training.

Social Network
The website also has its own social networking site which consists of the members – from beginners to professionals. You will have the opportunity to add people with the same interests as you do. In this case, it’s weaponry and self-defense.

Learn From Legally Concealed Starting Today And You’ll Know Exactly What You Can Carry With You In Whatever Situation You Find Yourself In!

shoot range site

Safety Precautions

Identify your target
You need to be aware on what you’re aiming at. In target practice, people concentrate on hitting the red circle and that is what you should do. Keep practicing until you can know immediately where you need to shoot.

In terms of safety at home, you need to choose a gun which would help defend yourself but at the same time, won’t harm other family members. There are weapons where you can hit multiple people. So, you need to know the perfect one for you.

Stay away from the muzzle
The muzzle is where the bullet exits from. I have seen gun owners pointing their gun downward on their foot during range practice and it’s a dangerous habit. Some even lay it on their lap. If you don’t want to bleed because of ‘accidentally pulling the trigger’, you better only move the muzzles direction to the target.

Eliminate your haphazard attitude
One common mistake people do is owning a gun and unloading it at home. You’ll gain the habit of throwing the gun or lowering your guard (since it’s not loaded). But you might unconsciously do this during practice and you wouldn’t want to harm anyone.

So, it’s preferable to put away a loaded gun which is out of reach for children. This way, you’ll be more cautious.

Don’t position your fingers on the trigger
Have you seen incidents where a man startled another holding a gun and he was surprised and pulled the trigger by accident? Yes, another accident. Besides the fact that you shouldn’t surprise someone holding a gun. You shouldn’t also position your fingers on the trigger if your practice hasn’t begun.

Woman with a rifle


EJ Owens’ ‘Legally Concealed’ received positive reviews from beginners to professional gun owners. It has showcased and continues to be popular in the firearms sector. Most people recommend his services and praises for his patience in helping people out.

A review from a loyal member, Curt Bain, stated the never-ending support he receives since day 1 was overwhelming. He was once a man who has no knowledge of weaponry and when he stumbled upon EJ Owens’ site, it changed his life forever. Now, he’s a gun professional and competes regularly in events where you exhibit your skills.

Different weapons

Elizabeth is another member of Legally Concealed, she wanted to learn self-defense and through the program, she learned more than to be careful with it. To also be aware of when to use your weapons, it didn’t stop there, she continues to learn martial arts and other self-defense techniques.

Reviews from most users of the program were pleasant on the services it gives. Some label it as a service and customer oriented company. Thus, the community continues to grow in every part of the world.

Where can you see a site which gives you an option to learn by yourself while they provide the visuals and references you need? But if you prefer being taught by an instructor, professional’s are willing enough to teach you. You can also join events which can help you witness on using a certain weapon.

The community is no doubt the friendliest and most open group you can find. You’ll never run out of techniques if EJ Owens’ ‘Legally Concealed’ is by your side.

Click Here To Start Using Legally Concealed To Protect Yourself Wherever You Go, Start Now!

Legally Concealed Review: What Can You Conceal Inside Your Jacket?
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