HyBeam Flashlight Review: Is This The Brightest Flashlight Ever?

Modern day conformity

It is not uncommon for humans to take things such as water, heat, or light for granted. And because we are so used to constantly having all these things at our disposal, we rarely imagine a situation without these necessities.

And they are necessities. The thing is if only one thing out of the equation, the whole conformity equation falls apart; that one thing is electricity.

It is actually hard to imagine the world without electricity. Perhaps such thing indeed is unimaginative because it is highly unlikely that the whole world will be in a completely dark one day. It is definitely unlikely, but still possible.

However, everyone one of us has experienced the power outage at least once in their lifetime. And when it does happen, it is like the whole estate is shut down. Moreover, it is like we are shut down.

When the power goes out

Those who have backup generators are lucky. Most of us don’t. Why? Well, it goes back to my original premise: conformity. You just don’t think about those sorts of things because they are possible, but not probable. But there is a problem when you always rely on probability.

Just try to remember one of those situations when the power went out. Maybe you were watching a football game with your friends and family, or perhaps you were reading a book, lounging on your sofa, minding your own business.

And then it happens. The lights go out, the TV shuts down, the WiFi connection disappears. Okay, those are the first things I notice because those are the things I pay attention to the most. But what if you go deeper, explore the possibilities and amplify the problem?

The unthinkable consequences

Almost all appliances in our houses are powered by electricity. And while we first notice the most obvious devices, we kind of neglect the important ones.

Naturally, you can survive without TV or the Internet, but you can’t survive without food. You keep your food in a refrigerator, cook in a stove (most modern stoves are electric). And I don’t even want to talk about all those neat devices you use for preparing a meal, from blenders and mixers to microwaves.

Naturally, if it is just a minor power outage, you have nothing to worry about. However, you would be surprised how many people are actually unprepared for such events. They don’t even have a set of candles to illuminate their dark homes, not to mention all the other necessities, from reliable flashlights to water filters.

Despite all these issues, most people can easily withstand minor power outages. As they should. But what if something really bad happens and things start to spiral out of control? How prepared would you be in those situations?

Out of control

As I’ve already pointed out in this review, dealing with minor power outages is a piece of cake. But try to imagine a situation where not just your house, your neighborhood, or even your city is out of power, but what if the whole state or the entire country literally ran out of electricity?

Naturally, these are all hypothetical situations, but they are possible. And literally, anything can disrupt our fragile system, from hurricanes and firestorms to economic collapses and terrorist attacks. In these situations, you can’t just sit inside your house and wait for the government to save you. I mean, you can, but you really shouldn’t.

If you know anything about survival, you know you have to constantly move. There are people who will see the potential for profit in the catastrophic situations, criminals, looters, and thieves. And they are the least of your problem in such situations.

But one thing is certain; you need to see what you are doing. Of course, since I’m already talking about hypothetical situations, the best thing to have would be army-made night vision goggles. But let’s get back to a more probable and simple solution; army-made flashlight.

Essentially, the army always has the best equipment, as they should have. From weapons to first aid kits and flashlights. And in times of survival, being able to see where you are going and what you are doing is probably the most important thing.

And thanks to this review, you will have access to the most cost-effective and reliable army-made flashlight on the market made by SurvivalLife: HyBeam Flashlight.

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What is the HyBeam Flashlight?

ultimate compact flashlight

This clever pocket flashlight is a tool that any survival would wish to have. And it is fit for many purposes, from camping trips to minor and major power outages.

What makes this flashlight unique are its size and weight. It weighs only 2 ounces and can fit in any pocket or pack. Also, it can be a lifesaving device in case of catastrophe or an experience-amplifying device on a camping trip. It is literally the best flashlight you will ever own!

Moreover, it is a multi purpose tactical flashlight. First and foremost, it is a military torch, meaning that our soldiers rely on it on daily basis.

The bulbs in this flashlight were originally designed for military, they are super bright even at long distances and with just one click your HyBeam Flashlight will turn into blinding strobe-light that can disorient any attacker.

What makes this flashlight so unique?

The uniqueness of this flashlight lies in its design.

  • It uses authentic YAG bulb that produces a blindingly bright light
  • The reason for why this flashlight weighs only 2 OZ is because it was crafted from an aircraft grade aluminum
  • This is multi-optional, tactical flashlight with 3 built in options. It has 3 stage switch with high, low and strobe option
  • Beveled edge turns this pocket flashlight into a self-defense tool in emergency situations
  • Despite its lightness, this flashlight is ultra tough

It has 300-lumen power, meaning that it would take more than 20 ordinary flashlights to replace HyBeam Flashlight! The secret of this flashlight is the high beam 300 lumen genuine YAG LED bulb that actually distributes in a whole new way.

Rigorous testing procedures

Since people need to rely on their flashlight in various situations, its authors, Survival Life, tested it numerous times under extreme conditions. And this flashlight is tough!

A 64 thousand pound garbage truck run over this flashlight and it remained intact. Furthermore, it was hit and launched with a 1200 pound force of a baseball bat.

But These things don’t surprise me because of its material. The designers even cast this flashlight into a muddy flowing river and it still worked. The thing is, every HyBeam Flashlight hand machined out of aircraft quality aluminum.

Furthermore, single double-A battery powers this strong and almost invincible device. This makes it very efficient because it uses maximum power for the maximum possible light.

Why this flashlight?

I’ve seen hundreds other flashlights, seen many reviews and read all the negative comments regarding regular flashlights. There is always a flaw in them. They either break too easy, consume batteries quickly or cast very poor and weak light.

And the worst thing is the price. You wouldn’t believe how much they are charging for their pocket flashlights. And once you buy them, they will fail you pretty soon.

Moreover, a regular flashlight only shines 3 to maximum 4 feet. But the military-grade HyBeam Flashlight x100 can light an entire 50 square foot area. It also weighs only 2 oz and is very compact, which makes it a perfect companion in dire situations.

More details and specifications

Take a closer look at the specs for this flashlight:

  • Authentic YAG LED Bulb that produces ultra bright light
  • This flashlight uses 3 mode button switch: you can switch between modes very easily, whether you want a low or high beam mode. You can even switch it to a flashing strobe or use it in order to signal for help. It is very multifunctional flashlight
  • Its bevel edge turns this flashlight into a tool for breaking the glass. It could also serve you as a self-defense device
  • Any AA battery will fit in this flashlight.
  • This is also a waterproof flashlight, which can be very handy if you ever find yourself underwater.
  • It is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which means that it will serve you for a very long time. Moreover, its quality makes it resistant to any weather conditions in all seasons, and in all circumstances of life
  • This flashlight is only 4 inches long. Most customer reviews praise the manufacturing genius behind such a small, and yet so powerful flashlight.

Bonus included: Ultimate Survival Skills


PDF ultimate survival skills

Written by SurvivalLife, this book comes as a gift. It contains some really important guides and tips on how to save your family, friends, and how to protect your home when the disaster occurs. It is a must read for anyone who wants to be ready for the upcoming disasters.

This bonus content pretty much sums up the whole purpose of the HyBeam Flashlight. Yes, it is a very cool flashlight, but its goal is to provide safety to its users.

So click on the link below, try it out for free, and stay safe!

Get Your Own Hybeam Flashlight Today, And Be Amazed At Just How Incredibly Bright And Useful It Can Be!

HyBeam Flashlight Review: Is This The Brightest Flashlight Ever?
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