Home Power Experts Review: Are You 100% Protected For A Blackout?

A regular blackout can cause inconveniences to no end. The half cooked meals in the oven, half shaven heads and half straightened hair at the barbers and salons, a half-written article like the one I am writing are just as few of the groan-eliciting situations brought on by power outages.

Scarily, we do not see the nefarious reasons behind major outages. Electrical grids are the target of many terror attacks because they have plenty of weak spots and cracks.

The residents of Silicon Valley know all too well the effects of such outages having been the victims of such an attack. They woke up to a major power outage on the morning of April 16 that took 27 days to resolve.

The chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission called the attack the worst domestic terrorism episode involving the grid to ever occur. If such a prominent and respected energy expert can sound such a dire warning, isn’t it time to invest in black out proofing for your home?

What does a power blackout translate to?

Well, at the very onset you cannot cook, heat or light your home. You cannot communicate with anyone as the phones are off and the internet is down. Even chargeable devices will last you for only a few hours before shutting down.

However, the real crisis hits when this situation persists for a while and soon you and your family are cold during the biting winter, living in darkness with no food since you cannot cook. Even your stockpile of frozen foods does not stand a chance of keeping because there is no storage for it.

The ripple effects of the blackout will then begin to be felt through all facets of our lives

  • We will have no access to money as all banks will shut down
  • Communication lines will be interrupted so loved ones can’t reach each other
  • Distribution networks will become incapacitated
  • Learning will grind to a halt as will jobs

Unfortunately sometimes in our naivety, we believe that things will always be under control and do not take deliberate measures to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones. But what if?

  • What if the power goes out for weeks on end?
  • What if you have a sick loved one who relies on electrically powered devices to keep healthy?
  • What if you work from home?
  • What if you never have to pay hefty electric bills at the end of every month?
  • What if you never have to worry about a power blackout affecting your home?

Lighting is a beacon

Craig Irons lived his life constantly worried about his electrical bills and the scary eventuality of a massive power outage. You see, his 12-year-old daughter is asthmatic. She has to live under a consistent temperature or else she could suffer a life-threatening asthma attack. Living in Indiana as he does they experience some very bitter winters and hot summers.

So he is constantly regulating the temperature one way or another and receiving hefty bills for it. It is a matter of life or death for him. For the past 20 years, Craig has been working as an electrician.

Between the hefty bills and mortgage bills, it’s been rough trying to stay afloat. This is the story across many American homes at the moment with different variations to it.

The bottom line is: it is getting harder to afford everyday amenities like electricity. And it doesn’t help when the power grid is not secure either.

Making your home blackout proof

The transformers taken out on the night of the 16th happened to be extra high voltage transformers. These transformers are custom built and take several months to make each piece. A large scale destruction of these transformers would plunge us into a massive blackout that could last days, weeks and even take months to contain.

The options

Now that you have decided to blackout proof your home let us review some of the options available to you to help you accomplish that


A powerful help in time of need


Generators are great additions to the home and definitely come in handy during a power outage. They can power every part of the home as long as they have enough gas for the job. They are also reliable through bad weather.


Gas to run the generator is very expensive and can even surpass the amount you pay the bills. Any fluctuations in the price of gas can result in making it an untenable option.  In addition, quick reviews of the environmental blogs and magazines will tell you the fumes and oil spills from the generator pollute the air and environment.


How many candles would it take to light up a city


Candles are wonderful for creating ambiance and providing a soft light. They do conserve energy while keeping the home lit. They are also a cheaper option compared to the others.


Unfortunately, candles have a high likelihood of becoming a fire hazard. If left unattended they can fall over and ignite a nearby flammable material costing you more than an electric bill. They are also only good for light and not heating nor cooking. Plus you would never a huge number of candles to keep you going.

Kerosene lamps


Lighting up homes for years


This is the old school lamp used in mountain cabins that come fitted with a glass and a wick. They do provide much better light than candles and can be placed in a secure location without causing fires.


Kerosene lamps also need a substantial amount of kerosene to maintain the lighting. This can be expensive to keep up with especially if you have multiple users and several lamps to keep alight. They also can only be used for lighting.


Home Power Experts

The Home Power Experts: A one time buy to keep you in the light


Home power experts power stations use solar panels and wind power generators to create energy at levels that can sustain a home and even a business. The resource (Home Power Experts System) teaches you how to do it all yourself and build your solar panels and wind turbines from scratch. With the Home power experts program, you can

  • Go to the local hardware store and source the materials
  • Assemble the solar panel and wind turbines
  • Power your home/business with it

The author of the system has taken the time to research the laws surrounding home power from federal laws, state laws and even the local council rules allowing you to enjoy green energy legally.

The power station you build from this system will costs you very little to set up $100 compared to your monthly electricity bill

The energy that is produced by your very own power station impacts highly on your electricity bill. The amount you pay could go down by 84 % as has been the case for Craig.

There is power at all times even when the power from the electric grid has been interrupted.

Solar panels have changed the lives of many people

When the nationwide blackout happens, you won’t be afraid. Click here to get the Home Power Experts and prepare for the worst!

Customer testimonials

After the news of the Home Power Expert System spread throughout the US more homes have gone off the grid and become powered by the system.

Robert S. in New Jersey was astounded by how easily he could put the system together “I am not a carpenter but the instructions were easy and I was able to follow and get it done”.

In Los Angeles, Julia R and her husband were on the brink of losing their home until they stumbled upon the program and started saving tons of money on their electric bills. The money saved turned their fortunes around and they can now keep their home.

And Louis C, in Phoenix, was a real skeptic. The system sounded unbelievable until he gave it a try and now he has raving reviews about it.

Did you know about the reward?

Unbeknownst to many people on the electric grid, the federal government has federal programs that are designed to reward people who create power systems powered by green energy such as this.

Along with the guides and videos teaching you how to install solar panels and wind turbines, the package comes with forms that you can use to get rebates from the federal government.

Understandably, the forms can be a bit complicated to fill in so the resource also comes with a guidebook on HOW to fill out the forms so that you can get the biggest rebate possible.

The guarantee

Every person who buys the system has access to the 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you can email support@homepowerexperts.com within the 60-day window and you will receive your money back to the last cent.

In fact, here are the three guarantees of the system

  • If your electric bill doesn’t reduce within the first 60 days of building your power station you will get a full refund
  • If you can’t make the power station using the Home Power Expert system you will get a full refund
  • If your electric meter does not start to go backward, you will get a full refund

The cost

When you make the comparison to your electric bills every month and the fact that the burden of electricity is not going to get any easier, this is a life-saving system.

Are there any risks involved?

We understand that you wouldn’t want to be involved in anything illegal or risky. Neither would we want you to! With the green power generated from creating your own solar panels and wind turbines, you can receive rebates from the government. It is also not a hard process nor is it life threatening. People of all walks of life and lifestyles are doing it.

It is also not a hard process nor is it life threatening. People of all walks of life and lifestyles are doing it.


You not only receive the Home Power Expert system but also a few bonuses to help you spend less and less

  • How to slash your gas costs – this guide will help you learn how to lower the amount money you use on gas on a monthly basis
  • Power tips to make your home more energy efficient – this resource ensures you understand ways to cut down on poor power consumption. This is over and above already using the system for less electric bills
  • How to make your own chicken coop – Chicken coops are sprouting all over the cities as people look for ways to get their own independent food supplies.
  • How to get more miles per gallon – This resource will help you to control how much gas you use when driving your vehicle
  • An easy way to build you backyard biodome – this guide will help you to be able to grow your own fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse biodome of your own.


It is a bleak picture that comes to mind when you have no electricity and no way to get it while in the middle of a crisis. Caring for your family means learning how to ensure they are always provided for. That includes going the extra mile and building a system that will ensure they are always safe and sound.

Learn from the Home Power Experts today on how you can protect your home and family against a nationwide blackout – click here to start!

Home Power Experts Review: Are You 100% Protected For A Blackout?
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