AquaStiq Filter Review: The Worlds Most  Compact Water Filter?

Water: the most important necessity in our lives

Water, a colorless and smells liquid we should be thankful for every day. Just being in a position to waltz your way into your kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water is very valuable. Unfortunately, we tend to take things for granted, and we usually appreciate things only when we lose them.

And I’m not preaching. I’m also well aware of the fact that I take things for granted, this such as electricity or water. But I do remember a few situations where I found myself without fresh water. Even though these situations were unpleasant, I value them and keep them in my mind.

You see, wherever you go and whatever you do, you will bring water with you, or there will be fresh and clean water waiting for you.

The food we eat is also important, but not as nearly important as water. You can skip your breakfasts, but you can’t skip a glass of water. Some people even manage to go 60 or more days without eating anything. On the other hand, some people manage to function without sleep for more than a week.

But without water, you will survive 72 hours, and that’s if you are lucky. So why is this the case? Why is water so important to us?

Water, the source of life

Even though I’m far from being a chemist, doctor or biologist, I will try to explain in a very simple way why we need water on a daily basis.

So, just by looking at the numbers, we can already see why water is precious to us. Our body is 65%-70% water. Some organs like our brain are 75% water. And just by looking at these two facts, we can safely conclude that we cannot move or think without water.

Furthermore, every bodily fluid contains water, fluids like blood, urine, digestive juices, sweat… Water is pretty much the thing that keeps our body running.

Now I’m not an expert, but I can imagine our body collapsing if it doesn’t get water. Can you imagine that all the valuable nutrients like vitamins, minerals or carbohydrates never made to their destination? Why? Because water also serves as a transport vehicle through our body.

And I don’t even want to think about all the cleaning our body actually does with the help of water.

Why is water a luxury?

It is hard to imagine that water is indeed a luxury to many people. Especially clean, drinkable water. Each year thousands of people die of thirst or off dirty water, and some of those people died or got sick by drinking tap water, not some lake or swamp water.

Even more shocking is the fact that in some countries people die of thirst or water poisoning more than they die because of war.

The problem with water is that unlike most other necessities, it cannot be stored or packed in a way food can. You can freeze it but that won’t make much of a difference because the mass will stay the same, therefore it will take the same space as would in liquid form.

So you can store on most things for a very long time, but water is a totally different story.

So what happens if you ran out of water?

Whether you are out in the woods on a camping trip or in the comfort of your home, the rules are the same: you do not drink contaminated water. These situations (when you have no access to water) can happen anywhere and anytime.

Sure, just because they can happen that doesn’t mean they will, but still, the purpose of this review is to prepare people for worst case scenarios.

It is also very hard to tell whether a river or lake water is drinkable. It can seem very clean and healthy, but that is not always the case. There are numerous bacterias and diseases hiding in contaminated water:

  • Giardia
  • Legionnaires disease
  • Shigella
  • Salmonella
  • E. Coli
  • Cryptosporidium

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on. The safest thing would be to just boil the water, but that is not always possible.

However, there is a way you can drink any water without risking anything, whether it is a lake, river, tap or even swap water. More importantly, it is a very cheap, cost-effective way of making sure that you will always be able to provide clean water for yourself, your friend and family if necessary.

I’m talking about a very simple, compact and highly effective water filter: AquaStiq Filter.

Keep A Stable Supply Of Clean Water No Matter What Happens Or Where You Go – Get The AquaStiq Filter Today!

What is AquaStiq Filter?

AquaStiq Filter system

Aquatic Filter is a water filtration system designed by Joe Marshall (SurvivalLife). This system uses the best portable water filtration technology currently available. These filters are used all over the world, both for emergency situations and as a daily source of clean water in third world countries that have problems with fresh water access.

And what does this system do?

  1. This filter removes 99.99% of waterborne bacterias such as E. Coli or Salmonella
  2. It also removes 99.99% of waterborne protozoan parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  3. Filters down to 0.2 microns, reducing the turbidity and clearing the water
  4. Very compact and light; it weighs only 2 oz
  5. 100% natural way of clearing contaminated water (it uses 0 chemicals during the filtration process)
  6. BPA free
  7. It functions mechanically and doesn’t require any outside source of energy (doesn’t use batteries or anything like that)
  8. Well-crafted, no moving parts, nothing will wear out or break off
  9. You can literally use it for as long as u want (it is not a one-time usage)

How does it work?

According to numerous customer reviews, this is by far the most efficient water filtration system today. It will stop any kind of bacteria or parasite through the filtration process. Furthermore, its unique design allows this device to stop the flow of water through the filter reached its maximum filtration point.

This is great because with this system you be sure that the water that came through the filtration system is perfectly drinkable. If the water isn’t flowing through the filter, that is a signal for replacement with a new filter. Pretty simple and straightforward.

It is also very simple to use. There are no pumps, batteries, no chemicals or shaking; if you can drink with a straw, you are good to go. It is also worth mentioning that this device weighs only 2 oz and will fit in any bag, glove compartment or in your pocket.

It is a very innovative device and is a lot more than just your average water filtration system. According to Joe, this system has been tried and tested all over the world, with proven results and positive reviews.

Why you need a system like this?

Actually, it is very simple. At best, you can survive without water for 72, assuming that you are in a very benign situation. If you take other things into account, like stress or heat, you will lose your water supplies a lot faster.

And if you find yourself in disadvantages or disastrous situation, you will probably move. You won’t just sit on the ground and wait for a miracle rain or help. With AquaStiq Filter, you will maximize your survival chances.

This is the safest water filtration systems out there because there is no guesswork with AquaStiq. The moment that filter stops pulling water through, that is a signal for replacement.

If you have time to boil the water, that’s perfect. But you cannot be sure that you will have the time or the conditions to start a fire. Why risk it?

Bonus worth mentioning: “Unlimited Water”

Guide to clean unlimited water

This 28 pages long guide will teach you everything you need to know about creating your own water supplies. As you should. It pretty much condenses everything Joe learned about water throughout his research.

It pretty much has everything you need to know, straight up facts, valuable information and no-nonsense. Take a look at the list of some of the things you will learn by reading this guide.

  • Learn all about the biggest threats to your survival, the treats that lay in contaminated water and the dehydration. Moreover, you will learn how to avoid these dangers
  • You will also learn what is the most common rookie mistake that people make with regards to drinking water. Pay close attention to them because some of these mistakes can seriously damage you, or even cost you your life
  • How to know and calculate the amount of water you will need in any situation. You would be surprised how many people make false assumptions about how many waters will they need in a given situation
  • This guide will also explain to you which sources of water you can and cannot use. That way you can help everyone around  you, even educate them about the dangers of contaminated water

This is just a glimpse of things you will receive and learn if you buy AquaStiq Filter package. It is definitely a valuable package, and could even prove to be a life savior in dire situations.

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AquaStiq Filter Review: The Worlds Most  Compact Water Filter?
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