American Natural SuperFood Review: Stockpile THIS All-In-One Food

get all your nutrients in this amazing shake that lasts forever!

Hello, everyone. Thanks for reading my review about American Natural SuperFood. An amazing supplement food that contains all the basic ingredients, and more, to get your body to health again.

We came across this amazing supplement because one of our friends had some nutrients’ deficiency and she had to take it. We noticed how well she was doing and we asked.

When we received the first pack and opened it, we thought we’d made the wrong decision. But now, we:

  • Have regular blood pressure
  • Are less bloated
  • Retain fewer liquids
  • Feel better in the mornings
  • Less joint problems

All of this motivated me to write this review about American Natural SuperFood. Apparently, it is so potent, it was designed to be stored in bunkers. This food contains all the nutrients, and more, that the body needs.

Not taking notice

You know, when it comes to food, one can be very oblivious. Since one has been eating badly all this time, one doesn’t really notice how bad food can be.

All these years eating badly take a toll on our body.

  • Gout infection
  • Food intolerance
  • Diabetes
  • Messing with our blood pressure

You know all the mess bad eating habits come with. It seems impossible to keep track, and even worse, to turn back time.

Our body on bad food

In the beginning, we eat things that make us feel bad, but then, with time, our body gets used to that. However, because we take this as a normal process, we force our bodies to digest bad foods. Because, through time, WE GOT USED TO FEELING BAD!

That’s right! You wouldn’t imagine. If you have ever used glasses to see or read, remember that first time you had your sight test? Well, just as much as you didn’t know how bad you were seeing, you also don’t know how bad you feel.

For me, it took more than 30 years to realize that my diet was not the best, but it didn’t happen magically.

My friend

She had gone into this vicious cycle of always eating the same. However, if you don’t mix correctly, then you will have a problem.

The body gets used to digesting certain things with ease, and then you will need to invest more of that to get those nutrients.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to my friend. She was not eating “unhealthy” at all. Her body got tired of it.

It was not so severe, but she had to take supplements to improve her health. Of course, in the beginning, they were highly medical grade things, but then they decreased in intensity.

That’s when her doctor recommended American Natural SuperFood. To keep her healthy.


Of course, the poor woman went through all the changes in her body. However, when she stabilized, after some time, she kept on looking great.

Not only that, but she looked healthy and happy. As if she were renewed.

We asked her about her secret and she mentioned American Natural SuperFood.

  • Natural nutrients
  • All the basics and more
  • Long shelf life
  • Contributes to all systems
  • Improves digestion

She was happy and looked the part, so we didn’t need to know more, we had to try it.

American Natural SuperFood

We signed up for our free sample and tried it. The taste is good, although I do like to add some berries to match my taste.

It goes down smoothly and it’s filling. Also helping you eat a little less.

One of the most important things is that it helps you lose weight in a healthy way. This means that, as you take it, your body starts to balance. When the body gets into balance, it starts getting rid of what it doesn’t need. At the same time, it will only ask for what it needs.

This is amazing because, now, you don’t have to put yourself through hell to lose weight. The natural balance of your body will take you there.

Reaching out there

While we were taking our American Natural SuperFood, we decided to go online to read other reviews. Just out of curiosity.

We were happy to read that there were others with great experiences. That was very encouraging for us.

People also give good advice on how to add your own flavor to your American Natural SuperFood shake, to make it even better.

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First effects

Well, as we progressed with the shakes, I started to notice that I was feeling satisfied sooner. I was still eating well, but I didn’t need to eat as much.

Also, I was:

  • Sleeping better
  • Waking up better
  • Going to the toilet better
  • More energized

This was only during the first week. Now, of course, it all takes time, we took it slow. You should never submit your body through immediate changes.

It is very dangerous to tamper with the balance of our bodies.

Long lasting effects

Well, after some months now, I can tell that my routine is better. Overall, I feel much more energized and calm. I have been more productive at work, etc.

There are some things that change can’t take away, and this level of fulfillment is one of those.

  • More energy
  • Better eating habits
  • Balanced body
  • Body weight distributed

All of these have brought nothing more than happiness and abundance to me and my family. You can’t go wrong when you are feeling this well.

Life with American Natural SuperFood

After some time taking this amazing supplement, our bodies have started to normalize. Our levels of everything are closer to neutral than crazy high or low.

Because it is so easy and fast to prepare, it is not even something we consider. We just prepare it, and that’s it.

You can take it to work, gym, or travels. Your health can go with you anywhere. I have never, ever, failed the smell test. So, please, don’t worry that this shake will give anything away.

Incorporating this into our lives cost us little and saved us tons of money in medicines, and doctors. This is why we think it’s worth spreading the word.

Life and health

Now that we are in a healthy lifestyle, we can focus on other things. We have been working around the house, making it better. Our new favorite hobby is painting.

Because now we don’t need to worry about our health as much as we used to, we can focus on other things. We can do that because we know we are healthy.

Also, because we have everything we need in this shake, we don’t need to spend millions in:

  • Free-range things
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic

And many other trendy things. Our nutrients are there if we want a fancy steak we can have it once every so often.

Who is this for?

I can say that anyone can benefit from it, health is health and we all need it. However, if you are more to the sedentary lifestyle side, this is especially for you.

Because of the low level of physical activity, many nutrients are not absorbed correctly. Even worse, they may not be produced at all. Much like Vitamin D doesn’t exist if you don’t expose yourself to the sun.

If you are a healthy young person, that takes care of himself and the things he eats. Then, your benefits might be fewer. However, if you are young, and you don’t watch what you eat, it is important to have supplements like this.

Not only because they bring nutrients you might not be having, but also because they balance your body.

What makes it different?

  • All in one
  • Great flavor that can be combined with others
  • Affordable
  • Long shelf-life
  • Ultra-heathy

It is different because now I don’t need to gulp 10s of pills a day, only to be in daily choking scares. With everything in an amazing shake, I don’t need to worry about that.

Final thoughts

We are very thankful to the prepper community for creating such an amazing supplement. It is so good to a point that, in case of disaster, you can have that instead of food and survive.

I mean, if you have access to food, by all means, you should eat. But if it comes to a situation of a disaster, this amazing shake can keep you covered.

Now, it’s easier to keep all those needs covered and remain healthy. Life is amazing and we need health to enjoy it. Why deprive yourself of it?

For us, this has been an incredible journey of wellness and feel good again. When you remove the weight of the thought “health” from your mind, you can rest so much better. Now, on top of great nutrition, you can sleep like a baby.

Feeling good is a right, we decided to exercise it and never looked back. Now, our lives couldn’t be better. We spend the money we don’t spend on doctors in traveling or trying new places, new things.

We wouldn’t turn back now if they paid us. Our health is incredibly better, I hope you can get yours too.

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American Natural SuperFood Review: Stockpile THIS All-In-One Food
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