9 Meals Away From Anarchy Review: Plenty Of Food In Emergency

Though I have never personally been a victim during a natural calamity, my close family has been there.

My maternal uncle, his entire family were among the many families that got stranded during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

The family was stranded for nearly three weeks on the terrace of their high rise apartment, with nothing to eat or drink.

They had not expected this, and one fateful day, things took a sudden turn.

Recollecting how my uncle describes the event- It was a bright sunny day. I was getting ready to go to the office and had just finished packing my kid’s lunch box.

All of a sudden, I could hear people running and screaming.

When I looked out of the window, I saw water everywhere below.

Cars were floating, trees were uprooted, and people were crying and screaming for help as the water level suddenly started rising.

With whatever little we could lay our hands on, we raced towards the terrace of our apartment.

The importance of preparation

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It was on that day, that we realized the importance of preparing for adverse situations like this.

We only had a few days’ worth food materials with us, and perhaps it would last us just another two or three days.

There had been warnings issued repeatedly over the television and radio about a possible earthquake in our region, but heart of hearts, we thought it couldn’t be very serious.

We, as humans always tend to underestimate our mortality, and the occurrence of a natural calamity.

It felt as if, such things could never happen to me.

But only when such things happen do we realize our insignificance in this vast game of life.

Apart from natural calamities, there is a growing need to protect ourselves from the actual state of the world.

The growing state of unrest in the world puts in mind many questions about our safety.

Survival of the fittest and the most prepared


As the political tension between different countries of the world increases, there is a growing need to be prepared.

Preparation to survive, against natural calamities, against political unrest or any other kinds of turmoil and hardship, is something basic that every human has to work on.

There is a growing need to protect the self and family from unfavorable situations, and people are ready to do whatever it takes to keep their dear ones safe.

But often, there is a lack of preparation and awareness about how these action steps need to be taken, and what points must be considered.

Though the motive is pure, people do tend to miss out on many crucial points.

What is needed in this case is a solid guide – a guide that can give you everything you need, all information you need to survive.

This guide not only is a guide for survival, it is a guide on how you can best provide for the needs of your near and dear ones during this period of unrest.

This is where Nine Meals Away from Anarchy comes in.

All about the program – 9 Meals Away from Anarchy

Matthew Myers 9 Meals

The basic thing kept in mind in order to survive during a drastic situation is the availability of clean water and basic, hygienic food.

With these two elements, people can survive any major disaster or calamity.

Most of the programs that prepare you for emergency survival today make sure these two elements are covered, but they only equip you with a week or two weeks’ worth of food and water.

If the unrest continues for more than two weeks, there will be starving and suffering.

The program Nine Meals Away from Anarchy was created keeping this basic pitfall in mind.

The authors of this program wanted to come up with a unique method which would help individuals go for days, months or even years without worrying about food or water.

What you should keep in mind is that emergency situations need time to resolve, and you must take care of yourself until things come back to normal.

You must have a solid plan for survival and protection for your dear ones.

This program that we are discussing here is very special, for it uses advice from experts and professionals like the Navy Seals, and offers amazing methods for survival.

It offers comprehensive tips, tricks and advises, along with easy to learn survival techniques and advanced training methods to protect you from adverse situations.

This product is a package in itself thus saving you from spending hundreds of dollars on other unwanted products that claim to train you in survival skills.

Make Sure You’re Fully Protected When Chaos Strikes, And Get 9 Meals Away From Anarchy Today!

The Benefits of this program


Before discussing the benefits of this program, did you know how many days an average human can go without food and water?

An average human can survive for up to 21 to 22 days without food.

But you will be surprised to know that the same human cannot last for more than 3 days without a source of water.

Hence, the first thing that needs to be addressed to be able to combat any catastrophic situation is to find a source of basic food and clean water.

Most of the other survival guides in the market don’t provide a permanent solution for obtaining clean water.

This is where this system is extremely unique.

In this program, the author discusses how you can use any source, literally any source of water to convert it into a form that is fresh, clean and fit for human consumption.

This program focuses on water being an elixir and the most important commodity required during survival.

One more thing I really like about this program is the logical approach followed for stockpiling of certain food stuff.

The techniques used are so clever and practical. You can buy around two or three items off this list a week. This can actually last you months.

Another big benefit of this program is the expert techniques mentioned on how you can protect your stockpiled food.

Also, these stockpiling techniques do not burn a hole in your pocket and can be extremely affordable and according to your budget.

What will you find in this program?


The most important life skill that you will learn from this program is the ability to track down reliable water sources. And also convert it into a form that is fit for consumption.

And you will be able to rely on this water source for as long as you are stranded or find help.

There is a special segment called the Navy Seal’s Secret 10.

According to this, you can literally buy around two or three items off this list of 10 items a week. You can actually have them last you months.

This is a very effective and reliable means of stockpiling and also making sure it is within your budget.

Protection of Stockpile:

One more very important aspect of this program is this. It provides comprehensive tips and techniques on how to protect and defend your store of stockpiled food.

There is a great demand for food and survival elements. It is obvious that you will have to watch out for people looting whatever little you have.

This is where the effective protection tips come handy.

The program also offers many ideas on how to keep your stockpiled food from rotting. It also shows how to prevent it from getting eaten away by pests and predators.

There are several ingenious tips to increase the shelf life of your stockpiled items.

Other benefits offered


Offers to help you stockpile within your budget:

The makers of this program know how important budgeting can be for you and your family. Hence they have devised ways to help you stockpile without burning that hole in your pocket.

It offers various tips and techniques where you can buy all the necessary stuff from your local grocer’s. That too at a very affordable price, and can make sure that this stuff lasts you months.

Psychological brain Embeds:

Most of the time, we never know what it is to be a part of a disaster or calamity. Mostly until we are really in one.

This program offers a great benefit. It allows the user to see what it would look like to face a disaster. This is so that he can be better equipped and prepared for things to come.

This foresight is extremely important to ensure that all survival plans are in place and effective enough.



From the day my uncle and his family were stranded in that calamity, he made a vow to himself.

He vowed to prepare every person he ever meets to survive any calamity that struck. To give them tips for survival.

Being close to him, I got to be a part of his extensive research. My uncle chose this program – 9 Meals Away From Anarchy to be the best to buy in the area.

There are lots of reviews on the internet attesting its effectiveness.

Among many other reviews, this review is an honest attempt to raise awareness on the importance of survival.

Get 9 Meals Away From Anarchy Today To Make Sure You’re Prepared To Survive When The Worst Comes!

9 Meals Away From Anarchy Review: Plenty Of Food In Emergency
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