21 Day Alpha Shooter Review: How To Shoot Perfectly In 3 Weeks

Shooting skills are a deteriorating or perishing skill. Reviews indicate that a one-week to ten-day break in shooting practice can result in up to a twenty percent loss in learned skills. The longer you stay away, the greater the loss. The only way to fight against this is to keep training by all means possible.

However, participating in continuous training presents another challenge. Training is not cheap. From instructors to ammunition to gun range fees, expenses add up. The amount of time and money required to keep your shooting skills primed could either bankrupt many shooters or leave barely enough funds to do much else.

The solution – Dry fire training. Dry fire training is practice technique that involves firing a firearm without ammunition. The goal of this technique is to allow the shooter to maintain their shooting skills through continuous practice. No instructor or range fees have to be paid as this course is structured to be conducted away from the shooting range.

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The technique has proven to be quite popular. Those who have engaged in dry fire drills have seen marked improvement. However, the creator of the product we are about to review points out a challenge faced by many shooters who participate in traditional dry fire training. It is repetitious, extremely boring and requires you to train for an extensive period of time.

Boring and repetitious tasks require great discipline to perform. Few have been found to have this discipline. Subsequently, they abandon this otherwise great technique that would help them improve their shooting skills.

In addition, it has been noted that once a skill has been mastered there is little direction on how to progress. Another challenge presented by traditional dry fire training is that it does not completely eliminate the need for an instructor and you still require to set aside a lot of time to practice.

The program outlined below seeks to address all these challenges and even some you didn’t know you had.

The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter Challenge

The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter Challenge is a training program built around the dry fire system. It has been strategically designed to improve shooting skills in a logical progressive manner to create what the program’s designer refers to as “alpha-shooters.”

To meet the twenty-one-day time frame, the designer has taken what is great about dry fire training, combined it with certain elements of martial arts training. The result is a training program that uses both physical and mental drills to equip you with solid shooting skills in the shortest time possible.

Some of the mental and physical drills that have been used to enhance traditional dry fire training include:

  • Interleaved training
  • Synaptic facilitation
  • Visual hacks
  • Neuroplasticity
  • At-home sensory deprivation
  • Slow training

The selected mental drills speed up the rate at which the shooter acquires new skills. This accelerated mental focus is what makes the challenge only last twenty-one days.

What’s Included in the Challenge

The 21 Day Alpha-Shooter Challenge is made up of twenty-one videos. The videos are approximately three to five minutes in length. After watching each video you will be instructed to practice what you’ve been shown for no more than fifteen minutes. This timing is critical as research for this challenge revealed that we learn best when exposed to information in short but frequent bursts.

The challenge is self-paced. Once you buy the program, you get to decide when you want to start.

Some of the skills you will learn from the videos include:

  • Basic shooting fundamentals that will lay a solid foundation for you to build your skills.
  • How to perform rapid yet accurate shooting.
  • Maintaining speed and accuracy while shooting in motion.
  • How to operate your firearm in various high-stress situations.
  • How to train your “startle response.”
  • Eliminating the delay between presenting your firearm and releasing the shot.
  • A samba dance routine that will make you a better three sixty shooter.
  • How to train for surprise encounter e.g. sitting in the car.
  • Improving mental and physical coordination.

In addition to the above, you will receive the following six free gifts.

Free Gifts With Purchase

1. Dry Fire Training Cards

To build your proficiency levels in only twenty-one days, the techniques illustrated in the challenge have been specially chosen. Once those twenty-one days are up, this first gift comes into play. This gift is compromised of more than fifty dry fire training exercises and drills.These drills will allow you to built on the skills you learned in the challenge.

Some skills and techniques you will learn from this first gift include:

  • How to practice your shooting skills anywhere.
  • Get in shape as you improve your skills.
  • Develop focus, speed, balance and muzzle discipline.
  • How to build your skill without compromising earlier instruction.
  • Low-light drills to improve performance in less than optimal conditions.

2. The Ultimate Dry Fire Compendium

If you’re looking for diagrams to accompany the dry fire drills, you’ll find them in the second gift. Along with the diagrams comes information on how to increase or decrease a drills difficulty level and maximize all benefits available for each drill. These training cards will also give you an understanding of the role of played by psychology and physiology in every drill.

3. Instant access to the Printable Dry Fire Cards

If you’ve completed your twenty-one-day challenge and are yet to receive the printed cards this third gift ensures that your training can continue with no interruptions. As you wait for the printed cards to arrive, you have the option to print as many as you need to continue building your skills.

4. SWAT Tactics for Clearing Your House with a Firearm

You should never try to be the hero. However, in the event that assistance from trained professionals is delayed, this fourth gift will come in handy. This gift provides instant access to step-by-step techniques used by SWAT team members to clear a house of possible intruders.

5.Video Demonstrations

The fifth gift includes 12 training videos that will demonstrate a number of skills including a hand grip that can be used to reduce draw and follow-up shot times. These videos pick up where the challenge videos left off so they should not be attempted until the challenge is completed.

6. Pistol Drop Chart

The final gift is a long range pistol shooting cheat sheet. The pistol drop chart provides barrel length approximations on bullet caliber for a distance not exceeding two hundred yards. It has been designed to fit in your wallet so you’ll always have it with you. Using the pistol drop chart will ensure that you consistently and accurately hit whatever target you’re aiming at.

Public Recognition

Ox’s dry fire training technique has received both local and international recognition. Some of the organizations who have recognized his work include the National Tactical Officer’s Association (NTOA), global Tier I and Tier II military units and various police departments.

You too can add your name to the ever growing list.

About the Creator – Mike a.ka. “Ox”

This challenge and the additional free gifts were put together by Mike. However, he refers to himself as “Ox,” as Mike is a very common name.

He is the author of Tactical Firearms Training Secrets and the creator of Dry Fire Fit and Dry Fire Training Cards. You may also have seen some of his techniques on the TV show, The Best Defense.

Ox has consulted for and worked with members of the military and law enforcement. The Navy Seals and the Marines. The Australian SAS and tactical, high-speed and competitive shooters.

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Some people buy a firearm to use in the event they have to protect themselves. Until that happens they are happy to store their firearm in a lock box. There is a very high probability that if you’re reading this review, you’re not that type of owner.

You’re the owner who wants to improve their shooting and accuracy skills. You know that skills and not the firearm equal bragging rights at the gun range and will make all the difference should you ever need to protect yourself, your family or your loved ones.

The techniques you will learn from this course are in use all over the world. The chances for disappointment are slim to none. The reviews and numerous testimonials confirm this. If you commit to the instruction, the creator is confident that you will see an improvement in your shooting skills. If you disagree, a refund is available within sixty days of the original purchase.

This course is not just for veteran firearm users. If you have just bought your first firearm, the tips and techniques you will learn here will ensure you start your training on the right foot. You’ll also be able to avoid many mistakes that new owners make due to poor training. As you build your skills, your self-confidence will grow.

This program is short yet long enough to make a noticeable difference in your life. We recommend signing up for this challenge and look forward to you attaining “alpha-shooter” status.

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21 Day Alpha Shooter Review: How To Shoot Perfectly In 3 Weeks
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